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LR, I hope you don't mind my bringing this thread up that I seemed to of taken over

my tersiary and his woman have decided that I am not an option sexually for him. She is mono and does not want him to be sleeping with other women, even if we had a long term thing. pooey. Apparently that might change.... ya right... not feeling it. Just feeling cast aside at the moment. Especially as I had to drag it all out of him. He hasn't surfaced from his NRE to bother keeping me in the loop. Just as well really as he has not being having safe sex and at least I won't have to decide how to deal with that.

On another note I am entertaining a new sub... he is almost 20 years younger than me, fit (which is good, because I intend to make him work hard for his mistress) and very keen to please me. We are talking on line and slowly getting to the point of meeting. I am very excited.
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