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Default It's not about telling people, it's about not hiding

Originally Posted by bookbug View Post
Well, I don't tell people with whom I merely associate, but are not friends. However, if I were monogamous I wouldn't share details about the relationship either.
Yes, but if you were monogamous, people would KNOW your relationship status. I mean, the entire world? No. But your friends and family.

You can easily hide being poly if you're, say, dating people from OKC, but nothing serious. Or if you're poly by nature, but not by practice. But if you're, say, dating a married couple, well, it becomes very different.

Either you hide that you're with someone, you come out to a select few, or you say, screw it, and just let anyone who crosses your path know...but, whatever you do, I mean, surely it gets tricky?
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