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Default Local flirtations

What the hell, while we're at it

Has already been discussed at length in previous posts.
We're not flirting.
But I've fallen hard.
Treading water

Chick I met off OkCupid. It's her birthday today! And birthday party tomorrow. I need to finish making her present. I have no idea about the physical/sexual aspect of how we're relating (it's been non-existent) but I think we're "just friends"? Hehe. I really like her, and am content to hang out.


And then, a total muddle of heaps of other people - haha! Ones I have not yet named. A couple of intriguing stories which I may write about later.

This is where any meaningful distinction between friends and lovers breaks down, for me...

Of the people I really like to hang out with, there are some who for whatever reason I am not sexually attracted to. Then there are others who I sometimes am hot for. Then others who I am almost always hot for.

This doesn't necessarily correlate to how deep/intimate my relationships with these people are.

I've been happy to see how relaxed a lot of folks on this forum are about having sex with friends, as just another shared activity among others. I feel the same way too.

I don't see the point of a blog here chronicling all the people I've slept with.

Nor does it make sense as a chronicle of all the people I love or am friends with.

What the fuck am I writing about?! Haha.

Life is great. If you're reading, have a kiss from me Yes, I'm crazy but the people know me well assure me that it's a beautiful kind of crazy.

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