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I don't know. I support people with developmental disabilities and it was one of them who did that. There is going to be a meeting with his home staff to decide what to do but until then I was told if he approaches me I'm to walk in the opposite direction of him, even if it means leaving the building.

On a note of things with Seven. I had a minor breakdown yesterday with him (emotional not mad) and through it addressed my fear that we were doing something we weren't supposed to with the play still. He told me that when he talked to Lamian she was fine with us having some sort of a dynamic as long as it wasn't 24/7, a full M/s one, or have it become a lifestyle. He informed me I'm still his pet, he does still own me, we can when it's just us (even in public) have a full submissive/slave aspect.

Once he told me that it felt like a weight had lifted off my chest. I think having this complete feeling of being lost had taken things that, yes would just give a small sting of "that would be something I'd love to be able to have" and just send me reeling down a dark spiral.
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