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Your husband may well be an introvert. But he may also be someone who is just a homebody. The two (introvert and not adventuresome) are not necessarily connected. I'm introverted and am always exploring new things. But some introverts do prefer to try new things only on their terms and only occasionally. Other's advice on learning about introverts, accepting him as he is and loving his gifts are spot on.

I just want to point out something important.

NONE of what you mentioned as wanting to experience is any way dependent on another person, much less a romantic connection. You do not need anyone else to have that passion and zest for life you describe. It is already within you. (And I bet your husband will say it is one of the things that drew him to you.) Really all you need is a babysitter and you can go to the museum or get some friends together to take your kids on an adventure.

Your parents died suddenly (I am so sorry) and you are moving away from your original faith. You are reassessing who you are. This is a normal aspect of grief for many people. It is a good if painful and upsetting thing. You are figuring out who you are again. Just know that who you want to be is inside you, not with any one else.
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