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My 2 guys are so opposite it is unreal.
One is goofy and geeky, one is popular and well liked.
One tall one short

One dark one fair (hair and skin)
One extrovert one introvert
One logical one emotional
One video game addict one book addict
One immature and silly one mature and serious
One dominant one submissive
One outdoorsy one NOT into ANY outdoorsy studf
One vegetarian by preference one red meat by preference
One anti killing animals one avid hunter and fisherman

(getting a mental picture?)

I love them both. They struggled a lot with understanding. But reality is I am more eclectic and open in my interests. I love all of these contradictory things. Lol. I prefer to eat vegetarian but i love going hunting. I love the arts and i love outdoors activities.

And there are things neither of them are interested in, like mt biking, kayaking, singing, playing piano that I also love...

It is misleading to assume that one or another is preferential. In fact, even sexually, one is usually soft and tender, the other rough and tumble. I crave both.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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