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Originally Posted by Ambyer View Post
We are much older than you, so I guess that makes things a bit easier for us, but it is for this reason that we have decided to not "come out" as long as our respective parents are alive. Our children are all open and supportive, they are adults and in fact one has chosen the same path, his wife is bisexual and he is fully supportive. But our parents are from another generation, they would never understand and we will never ask them to.
I never thought about all the downsides of being out. For some people, it is probably problem-free. That was not the case over here. That was a moment of selfishness because I neglected to weigh the consequences in doing so. I did not take a single negative one in to consideration. I foolishly assumed that everyone would shrug it off and roll with it. Like I said, I had my head in the sand.

Most reactions were mild but some were extreme like my MIL and my DH not talking because of his decision to defend me and my poly side. I did not see that coming. That situation and the one with my baby will likely bother me forever. In due time I will forgive myself. That time is not here, yet, though.

We are family oriented people who are close to our loved ones, so we feel things differently than someone who has never been close to their mum, dad, grandparents, and such. In some ways, I swear my mum is secretly relieved that I have chosen to "shelve" poly. She will never say it, but that is what I believe.
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