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So here we go... it seems that this up coming sex party has opened up a lot of discussion in our poly group. It seems that it may just be helping a lot of people define what it is that they want from their relationships with others in the community.

It makes me feel a bit better as I thought I was going a bit crazy and the only one who was feeling like that.

It seems that there perhaps is a divide happening. I don't know, we shall see. I certainly feel that I am moving closer to those who are more into what we are simply because I have a need to feel comfortable right now rather than pushed.

After having a lovely meet with another married couple this last week and conversing about what they want to accomplish in their marriage I feel settled again for the time being. Sometimes I feel as if there is no one who has a similar idea of poly. It's just not true, just that most of the time, those who are married and in relationships with others in a family setting are most of the time just off doing their thing.

We happen to be really out there in the community and that community seems to be wanting to fuck everyone... it's just the nature of it it seems. Those who are into that need to be out there so that they can get together with others. When you are in a more closed relationship structure, as we are, then just by proxy there is not the need to be out there in the poly world. Hence the lack of visability and my lack of feeling like I belong. If I wasn't so intent on finding a female intimate friend and some D/s fun, I probably would be backing right out of our community and living my life doing something else, like just being family.
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