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Thank you KD!

The hardest challenge will be the oldest but I could be wrong & it might be our soon to be 8 year old son.

In the past we have let friends live in our garage or stay on the couch for a few days so they are familiar to having long-term company. If we do co-habitate I am sure with all that I'm learning & still have to learn, we'll do it in a manner that fits each child's personality. The youngest is 2, so she's not my biggest concern. I know the 15 year old will be upset we didn't tell her now (she says she hates being the last to find out things) so hubby & I need to agree to let her be aware that we are polyamorous & let her have time to do her own thinking about it. I just realized now, when it's the last month of summer, might be a good time for her. She's so much like me that I'd hate to present the concept to her at the start of her sophmore year of high school & it would allow herbto do any research or ask questions.

As far as L, he confuses me on his feeling but I realize he is just as confused. In the lingbrun, we all want to stay friends, which is my goal.
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