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Originally Posted by SilverShades View Post
The two of us live together and she lives a town away. So already the balance will be off. Boyfriend is not worried about this, but if we are to be completely equal, well I just don't see how that could be when two of us are always together and the third only is seen whenever there is a time we all have a day off together.
My boyfriend believes that we can have an equal three-way relationship, and while I believe that could be a wonderful experience, I just don't believe it could be possible at this time.
Hello and welcome to the forum! I am in a relationship (for 10 years) with a guy and we have also had the fantasy of finding a woman that could share in our relationship! So I understand your desire! In fact, that desire is what brought us into the lifestyle!

After 3 years of searching and meeting lots of awesome people, we have relaxed our image- the specific vision we had at first.

I am also now operating as a women available to be accepted into relationships with couples. And i am dating several awesome couples!

The thing i find with people and life..... It's fine to have ideals, but better to let go of specifics and focus mostly on values and intentions.

And- those values and intentions should be realistic.

Not sure if "equality" is realistic or necessary here. Just wondering what the concept of "equality" is about for you?

It's sort of like perfection. If it can't be perfect, then it's not worth pursuing. But perfection and equality are subjective concepts. They are also a matter of perspective and the amount of power we give to them.

We can use the fact that something falls short of perfection to avoid doing it altogether. I'm wondering if that is what you are doing or attempting to do without realizing it?
The key to life is in being fully engaged and peacefully detached simultaneously and authentically in each moment.
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