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Hey II,

Um. I don't quite know how to say this to make a point but here goes. I asked you a couple of times if we can hang out in the last monthes. I thought you weren't interested so i backed away. I enjoyed our talk at that bbq a couple of monthes ago and thought you'd make a great friend yet my reaching out was to no avail.

Okay, so, if you have aren't interested that's fine. I am saying this to possibly make a point that maybe you aren't looking in the right directions. There are lots of people around you that would spend time with you. Maybe you aren't seeing them because you are stuck on not getting what you want from the friends who aren't as interested any more. Maybe letting them go and taking a look around and reaching out or allowing things to manifest would warrent different results.

Also, spending time at home on your own is maybe what you need still. It's different when loved ones are home. Maybe what you need is for the wife to be home with you to spend quality time with just being around each other. I know that does me a world of good. It creates situations where closeness can occur and plans can be made together from knowing each others vibe in the moment. That doesn't happen in the same way when you're passing each other in the hall or texting randomly during the day.

Of course your wife might not want to do that but I bet if you left that time for her to decide what you do together and let her make the plans that come out it you might find a rejuvinated interest in being together. THerefore that energy could translate into having new energy to be out in the world.

Anyway. I'm here for you if you ever need a listening ear. You've listened to me and I've appreciated that. As a friend, I am here to do the same.
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