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Well it has been over a year since I last posted or even been on the site. Here is the update. We have not gotten a divorce yet but I did move out again in Dec. She continues to see him and myself and they have started a sexual relationship about a month after I moved out. She has also started to spend the nights at his house as well. There is almost no communication about this unless I ask and then it usually starts some sort of fight between us. This is just becoming so tiring. She gave me a letter a few weeks ago that was addressed to both me and him which basically said her choice was both of us and that we needed to make our choice of if we wanted to stay or leave. Maybe I am just holding on to something from the past and need to learn to let it go. I told her that I would stay and fight for us because I still believed in us. I love her so much and it is hard to let go of your heart. Things just seem so unbalanced now. I have no idea of what she is doing from day to day, I have no insight to her life. She is living two separate lives and the two will seem to never meet. I feel for her and her heart, she hurts so I hurt. I did try going on some dates but I just felt worse like I was cheating on her even though nothing happened. I could not have any connection with them at all. They were nice people but I still want my wife. I feel guilty, should I? Feel lost in the shuffle.
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