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Wink I want to have unprotected sex with a second partner

Douglas and I have been mostly exclusively having unprotected sex for several years. I dated someone else, Tim, and we were having unprotected sex but it caused some problems for Doug and I. I told him it was happening after Tim and I stopped using condoms. He was hurt and I am remorseful. Tim and I started using condoms again, then we broke up.

I'd like to maneuver the situation better with Tommy. Tommy and his wife are okay with us having unprotected sex. Doug and I have talked about it, and he's not uncomfortable with the idea. He doesn't love it. I don't want to push Doug away so I've been resistant with Tommy, but it's something I think about often.

I'm wondering if anyone can offer any experience laden advice on the subject? I've planted the seed, now I want this plant to grow!

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