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Originally Posted by Flowerchild View Post
I do love him. I guess I was venting as much as anything else; I don't usually mind, but sometimes he's particularly egotistical comments irk me.
I get that! I thought I was picking that up in your post! There are times when I just overlook things like that- let the guy pump up his own ego for a while- after all- this too shall pass, right? And (I don't know about you) but my guy has to put up with some of my ego stuff too.

On afternoon, we were at a festival and briefly hooked up with one of my guy friends and his wife. I am sexual with the guy and my SO really likes the guy, but my SO doesn't like the wife at all. I went off for about 15 minutes to visit with the couple and when I sat back down my SO said something about how stuck up the wife is. I went on to brag that they said they were going to invite me to their house to spend some time with the two of them. And I said it in a very bratty way. It was tacky of me and it hurt my SO,s feelings. It was my attitude that was hurtful.
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