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Have you folks even considered the risk of STIs from going bareback? It seems you all jumped into the sack before discussing some very important things. I suggest you all get tested before meeting up again. You need to have more detailed conversations with your next sexual partners.

I think it's perfectly fine that you expressed how you feel about what happened. However, her body is hers and you can't tell her what to do. If she gets preggo, she will make whatever decision she makes, whether it is abortion or something else. You and hubs should discuss how you will handle paying child support.

As far as your husband, he sounds like going bareback is all he cares about. If he agreed to always use protection with her and then didn't use it, then you have to address his breach of trust, which I think is actually the real issue. Whether he fucks her wrapped or not is not the problem, as I see it. The fact is he said, "Fuck it! I'll do what I want!" instead of keeping his word.
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