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Hi Adverbesque,
Our stories are almost identical.
I didn't really open a relationship, I have no central partner. I have 2 people that I see regularly, so a Vee, I suppose. I adore both of them but harbor no plans of becoming primary to either of them. I am also separated and working through a divorce.

Is it hard to be open and honest?
I chat to each of them about the other to some degree, only the positives.
I ask both of them about their relationships, I have an interest in how other people work relationships especially after a failed marriage. They both tell me more about their relationships than I would offer about mine, I am quite a reserved person and respect privacy. I tell them both if I am meeting someone new but C is not looking for new partners, A is open to more but not actively meeting at this point.

I do discuss them both with my friends and my sister. Girl talk!

A has rules up the yazoo with his open relationship but is whittling them away as his primary becomes more comfortable with me. That's a whole other story
C has a few rules but I am happy to work with them too.

I have found the boards to be an invaluable source of information.
Me: mid 40s female.
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