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Originally Posted by bookworm View Post
I keep wondering if the time will come and I will have to choose. I can't help but think that its only a matter of time. Then what? Its like staring at a fork in the road and not knowing which way to go. Its not like there are arrows saying this leads to here or there. If I follow my heart I will choose Bob. But my head tells me Keith is the choice. I know if I choose Bob there will be no more poly and I do enjoy that type of relationship. And my home and everything that I've worked so hard for will be for naught. But my relationship with Keith is so different, a bit colder if you will. The true happiness of my heart doesn't lie solely with Keith. He's strong and stable and supportive and all those grown up things. But my heart won't be happy if I have to give up Bob.
Funny, but if the man you'd want has started pushing you into a corner to screw over a human being that cares about him, and loves you, it would certainly make me pause. For all of Bob's awesomeness, I'd never trust a man willing to knock others down to get his own way. But it's your life, and your principles at work here.

Do yourself a favor - Try not to wait for drama and fireworks before acting, if you know it's just a matter of time. Calm and peaceful transitions still count for something.

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