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You're right, and I have decided to move on. I sent Raga a message, offering to pay for him to notarise it again and send it overnight this time with tracking.
This is money I am willing to lose if he doesn't do it. If he does, I asked for the tracking number and we can see that everything gets done.
If I don't have a tracking number by the end of the week and they haven't received the old paperwork as well, I'll start a new procedure and I'll figure it out.

I know I said I wouldn't trust him again, but this would me a metaphorical handshake and allow both of us some closure. And because of the deadline, if it doesn't turn out only a couple of days will have been lost. And I'll know I'll have done everything I can think of for us to deal with it together, and I'm confident I can stop blaming myself and just move on whichever scenario happens.
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