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Default Children & polyamory

My husband and I are newbies & currently not in any form of a poly relationship yet. We've been doing our research, discussing his jealousy & envy issues, falling in love again but realizing we both can love another just as passionately.

We know at some point we will most likely want to co-habitate with a partner. Aside from coming out to our outside families (an area still to be researched) we are unsure of how to tell our children (15F, 7M & 2F). The oldest has watched Big Love & was quite facsinated. She's my concern since the younger two are not set in teenage opinions of right & wrong.

If any of you have children (whether grown up or not) how did you bring your choice to be polyamorous into a discussion with them & how did the transition of having a third afult in the home go, was it peachy keen or a battlefield?

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