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Originally Posted by amaranth View Post
I am utterly confused.

Who the heck would want to do something like that? What would it achieve? I do have suspicions but I won't go into that here.
Wow Amaranth,

That really sucks - just sucks !
I'm sorry - but that kind of behavior is just immature, vicious and a complete violation & disrespect for privacy. Something you'd expect out of someone Jr High age

But ARE you really confused ?
Hard lesson learned here it seems. About people. About this whole thing around 'Social Networking' etc. Like Ciel alluded to - when you are online you have to be EXTREMELY care what you expose and to whom. And always assume it may be used against you. IS that sad ? You bet. But this seems to be the world we live in now.
Proceed with caution - and insight.

PS: Like a few said - Mom may know more than you give her credit for. Guess you'll find out. But judging by her quoted reaction I wouldn't be expecting the worst. Mom's can be pretty kewl You'd absolutely die if SHE turned out to be poly too ! lol
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