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Originally Posted by xmakina View Post
Amaranth is a girl
We have that mix-up around here now and then, as well as on lots of other internet forums. It's hard to keep track, that is why I chose to have the word "girl" in my username. I get mistaken online for a guy a lot too when I use my regular nickname, so I am guilty of the same sometimes.

Anyway, if mom is already aware of the gay/bi connection, she is probably ok with the poly-thing too. Parents can be surprisingly supportive and accepting once their kids work up the nerve to tell them things. Or in this case, someone else did, but I don't think that makes any difference in the grand scheme of things.

This is one reason I've always been "out" about whatever... as long as it isn't illegal. That way, enemies and strangers are in less of a position to "expose" things about me, and I can turn my attention and energy to more worthwhile endeavors.

I realize that I used the word "thing" a lot in this post.

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