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Default Brett- St. Petersburg, Florida

I married at 18 and was monogamous for 35 years. Karen committed suicide in May, 2009. I have been using dating sites and have been somewhat confused because there are so many ladies I really like. I have hope that I might find help understanding my natural tendancies here.

I have told all that I am dating others, some at that point demured, a few have hinted they hope I 'pick them' soon, so I am a bit confused. I enjoy them all so much and still wish to meet more.

Vonda, Denise, Terri, Lisa, Marie, Sandy, Caroline, Iliana, Kathy, Pam, Sue, Deborah, and a few more I've emailed once or twice.

Everyone's been telling me I'm crazy but I just am having a great time, except I've got to pace myself better, getting exhausted is no fun.

I do want to be healthy myself emotionally and not just trying to avoid feeling depressed, alone. I am seeing my therapist next week, she was a big help adjusting after Karen died.

One more down side, Valentine's Day....likely to break the bank...

Any thoughts, advice, suggestions, condemanations or even flirts, or leads are welcome.

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