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Talking Hello All

I'm 41, married 18 years in Sept, have three children from teen down to toddler. In the last month began discussions with hubby H about being able to love more than one and that led us to polyamory.

No poly relationship at this time, but we are in some sort of triad right now (close but not quire) L (lover) is not about poly so it's just sex for him. H is having some pre-adventure issues with jealousy/envy but we are communicating and resolving them.

Last night we discussed if we ever asked one to co-habitate with us what sort of parenting would that person have with our kids. I don't think we should make any decisions now but need to wait until that person is in our lives (don't want to make the box smaller, you know).

So I and H are newbies to this but are willing to learn as much as we can while our L enjoys us but we know he's in search of the "perfect one". I fell in love with L but am okay when it's over and though he says he can't be involved long-term with me, I do know he has feelings.

That's the road we are on right now. I look forward to getting advice and getting to know all of you!
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