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Well greetings and welcome to the forums! I definitely recommend reading around to see what you can learn. A lot of times new people jump right in with questions and get frustrated to be pointed to the search function. Something important to know is you are not alone! I doubt sincerely there is someone that comes here that has a completely unique experience, so if you are going through it, someone else has too! So you can get support, and I know personally I learn a lot about things that I havent' had to deal with yet by reading what others are going through!

A good place to start is this thread

It's a list of important threads and more popular discussions and questions. A search for 'unicorns' 'unicorn hunting' and 'triads' would probably be most useful. Sometimes our hopes get us in a space where we don't see the problems that might crop up and it's good to be aware of issues BEFORE they pop up! Good luck!
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