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I've had more discussions with both my husband and my bf and it has been very interesting and I think I'm beginning to accept the way my bf expresses his feelings. I like LemonDrop's way of approaching it, asking if her husband loves her and all he has to say is 'yes' and the validation is there. I think I hestiate to come up with an 'alternate' way of saying the words, as really, there is no equivilent in the english language. "I care about you" or "you are special" don't have the same meaning.
I realize that feeling loved means so much, more than words could ever express really. I think I am looking for that validation, commitment, that reassurance that I have found someone that's in this for the long haul and not something casual. In time, I think we will have that, just need to enjoy what we have and continue to learn and grow. I'm learning that love is a journey and not a destination to reach as I had originally believed.
My bf told me that I'm "the person he cares about most in the world". When I really take that statement to heart, that's about as close to "I love you" as you can get <3

And GroundedSpirit... awwwwww <3 thanks for the support and offer of love I really do appreciate the love and support of everyone on the forums. You guys are the best!
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