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"My X" definitely has possessive connotations for me, yup. I actively try to avoid it and construct sentences otherwise, and do sometimes catch and correct myself when "my" slips out.

["ceterum censeo" rant] Then again, "my husband/my wife" seems just about right. Marriage *is* about ownership of another person, IMO. That's a main reason why I despise the whole concept and will not support any kind of "marriage equality" movements. I want society to get rid of it completely, not to get more people to sign up for this outdated mess. [/rant]

I dearly wish there was a relative/connective pronoun instead of a possessive one to use. *sigh*

As for the labels BF/GF, partner, lover, whatevs... go with whatever floats your boat. R. and I happen to be fond of "shipmates".
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