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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Its a descriptive label not a prescriptive one
Labels in general are not prescriptive or that is just not your intention in using them?

Most labels come with a number of assumptions with them, which is why we use them (as a kind of short hand). This short hand can easily convey a set of characteristics which is not necessarily present but that the title itself can help to encourage. Introducing someone as "This is your new manager" not only describes the position and responsibilities of the role, but can also suggest things like "authoritative nature" and "problem solver" and "decisive under pressure". It's the same with "wife", "boytoy", "girlfriend", it is entirely possible that the use of those labels encourages a pattern of behavior in line with whatever the assumptions are (even if it wasn't the intention of using those labels).

I imagine as long as people are mindful that their language is not instructing their actions then their language is entirely irrelevant (at least for them personally). Since I don't assign that kind of presence of mind to the unwashed masses I would always advise using titles which come with the least possible number of assumptions.
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