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Feeling thankful.

I was reading through the many posts on fb-people grieving the loss of our friend.
So many were about "rethinking" their lives, realizing that they needed to reorder their priorities and make time for the people in their lives because we could lose someone with no notice at any point.
This is true.

But-what struck me is-I don't have anything significant to change on that front.

I considered the friend who is now gone, and with a smile recalled her last posts on Friday and my reply. A couple of weeks ago she had posted she was sad and I had responded with happy thoughts and that had been a common thing between us.

My kids see me almost all day every day. I prioritize being involved in their lives. My beloveds know I rearrange my life regularly to be sure we have time together. My friends get texts and fb posts and I pop in to see them at work or wherever as I run through my errands and life responsibilities.

So, I am thankful today that at some point along the line, I learned that lesson-before losing someone I would have to regret I didn't say what I really felt before they were gone.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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