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Sometimes-but not always.
In my D/s dynamic "My M" is definitely possessive. Saying it elicits possessive feelings too. As does being called "My Angel".

In my day to day life I don't CALL Maca "My husband" except to speak to others who have no major importance in our lives (like a grocery store clerk). In conversation with most people, I simply call him Maca. Likewise-with GG. I generally refer to him as GG when speaking to people. Only with others-or in conversations on here for clarity do I identify them as "my husband" or "my boyfriend".
When speaking to them personally, I call each by a pet name. THOSE are special. We have pet names for everyone in our family-including the kids and generally those aren't shared either. I have a pet name for each person and each of them has a pet name for each person. But we don't use the same ones. Shrug.

Like my grandson is "Little Pea" to me. But Maca calls him "Peanut" and GG calls him "Spidey".
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