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Quick update, since a lot has gone on, with no time to tell any of it:

- Allergic to SOMETHING that is putting me in a fog. Ugh.
- Mom is in the hospital after chemo treatment #2. Sister drama isn't helping. Planning to go check in on mom this coming weekend.
- Daughter #2 had a rough night after a fun weekend (thinking it's the "coming down" and realizing it was time to head back to dad's) where she asked me why her dad and I divorced, and crying about missing how things used to be. Ugh. I had my thumb firmly on my own "guilt" button last night.
- P was going through his own issues missing M1 (who was away visiting her own mom), but was a godsend last night as I couldn't get my thumb off that guilt button.
- Cellar mold is getting cleaned up as I can get around to it (finding the time hasn't been easy). Diploma, school papers and picture are in good shape after drying out for a while. Yay that.

Okay, more later when I can actually take some time to type. Time to STFU and GBTW.
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