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Thanks, Lemondrop. Oddly enough, we have been trying to sort through the rubble of last week and my fiance actually brought it up last night. That he says it all the time, but he's not showing it. He is having to do a lot of soul searching to start his self improvement and I am trying to get myself to a healthy place where I will be able to accept that love. We are a little distant with each other right now, but in a good way. We are focusing on ourselves and giving the other time to do the same. My boyfriend (he asked *gush*) has been amazing through this. Its shocking how I've been with my fiance 7 plus years and suddenly we are strangers to one another and my boyfriend can translate my needs into words better than I can. My mouth dropped when they shared the texts they sent to each other yesterday. Its going to take time and I don't quite feel my normal self, but I have faith in all of us.

Sorry to hijack, terrible of me!

GS, personally I feel you can over say I love you if its the only way you are expressing love. I like hearing a variety of loving words and a variety of loving touches, glances, acts, ect ect. The same ole same ole seems lazy and mundane and love is neither of those. I know sometimes my love for someone can become so overwhelming that I have trouble decribing the magnitude so I will overuse I love you. When I notice this happening I push myself to define it in a varity of ways, because if I truly love that person that much, three little words just aren't good enough for them.
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