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Don`t get to hung up on the words,...while you may want to obsess over it,..replace the obsession over 'why not', with the obsession for some excitement over the idea that one day, when said, will be a very special moment for you.

For me, I don`t love easy, but express it easily once I do. "love" to me can come in stages, and different levels and types. Once I say it here and there, I don`t feel a need to say it often.

While my husband, says 'I love you' many times a day to me. His tone changes, his voice alters, between the different ways he says it. Sometimes it is a way of connection. Sometimes he says it as he feels a surge of love, and sometimes he says it for reassurance. I cherish it all.

I guess, what my babbling is letting you know, that the words of love may come in different forms. If you FEEL loved, and well treated, and the relationship is solid, hearing the words should not matter as much.

We condition ourselves to look for those 3 words, just as we are conditioned to look for the ring,..the commitment,......etc, etc.

..but our heart knows. Regardless of what our ears get to hear, the heart already knows if love is there or not. That is why it is special,..a love connection needs no words.

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