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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
It follows into the rejections I seem to continue to experience. The friends I mentioned before may not have wanted to date me, but at least they still wanted to be friends. Yet then there’s the rejection suffered at the hands of a friend that I still don’t understand. A friend of almost 2 years recently decided to excise me from her life entirely, without so much as a BTW. Sparing you the boring details, I thought I was doing everything that a good friend was supposed to do, supporting them through rough times, and visiting occasionally to stay in touch. Suddenly I was apparently doing things wrong...which was entertaining since the sudden complaint was for something that they had TOLD ME to do the last time we had met. It was sudden and bewildering for me...but of course my wife saw it coming, and had a good “Told you so” moment. Despite the warning, given that I might actually be screwed up enough to consider leaning on friends for a change, instead of always propping them up, the timing of this incident stung a bit.
Its unfortunate.. but, and I have odd views of friendship since I spent so much town in a transient down, friendships come and go. I treasure them for what they were and hopefully they ended cleanly. Its unfortunate this one sounded like it ended with drama.. but it sounds like something happened and this person started looking for excuses.. Sorry to hear about your loss

Being sort of but not really on the heels of another friend of over 20 years who decided our friendship wasn’t worth the paper we clean our bottoms with; this kind of thing starts to make me wonder what I’m doing wrong? I get not being pretty enough to date, but not pretty enough to even be friends with, doesn’t make sense to me.
You are not doing anything wrong. Friendships like relationships transition. 20 years, wow.. ask yourself, would you be friends today if you just met. I know most of my oldest friends, we have outgrown each other. We are just so different. Its sad to think about it, but it was a necessary growth.

Argh... running out of time to post more. Gotta get over to the mall and then back onto the road back to red deer and then calgary for the night.. Wish I could say more..

and my offer will stand, need a break, wanna hang out with new and old friends.. come for a visit, we have butt loads of room.. (wifey and kids are welcome too for the record. Its not a limited invite haha)
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