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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Are all of the members of your quad romantically/sexually involved with one another? If not, I clearly don't know what that term means (or no one else seems to, I can't decide which is true).
No.. I just can't be bothered to type anything more than quad. hahah I don't feel like say W.. or double v.. quad is just easier and considering we are a cohabitating, co income family of 4 coparenting 2 kids with 2 more on the way. I think I can safely say quad and not worry about the poly police knocking on my door wondering about my relationship structure.. there are enough people worrying about relationship structure labels that I don't need to think about it.

@mag sorry about that, typing from a wee lil phone can really screw with my quoting.. haha it definitely wasn't intentional.

I was reading around trying to figure out what it is that I am missing when it comes to identifying what a quad-triad relationship is. One thing I found talks about it as if it is a spectrum. Like, a vee and a triad are the same relationship setup only vee is at one end of the spectrum and triad is at the other with the connection between the ends being stronger or weaker.
I used to joke that a triad is never an equal triangle, that it is more like a scalene. No matter how hard people try, relationships aren't always equal. My quad is very similar with several relationships in one section, all of them not equal romantically but definitely not without merit. The strength of the overall individual relationships may be equal as is the respect involved in maintaining them, but the romantic relationships, specifically, are completely different.

The reality is, we don't even think in terms of poly. We are two couples who have merged into one family and happily live our relationships as they are. Decisions, life changes, careers, etc are all made just like traditional monogamous couples. We are even looking at purchasing a house. Potentially..

Sort of off topic, I do keep joking that the 4 of us should start looking for a quadracorn.. we were both semi successful unicorn hunters and we both dated as couples successfully as well, so it could be interesting.. of course, who the hell has time or energy for that.. haha
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