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Default Very good !

Just to share - my mate (wife) and I are enjoying this topic and it's opened up some interesting discussion.
She's just a 'love bug' - just a generally loving person and loves to share it. A firm believer that spreading love in the world changes everything ! Along with that belief is the natural desire to express it - verbally.
Around the house here we must hear "I love you" 100 times a day ! Between myself, our son at home, the cats, it's almost an endless stream !
Almost to the point of ad naseum and and meaninglessness !
So this sparked some thought. When is enough 'enough', so that it DOESN"T lose it's meaning & value.
So thanks to the OP !


PS: So Booklady - if you need to score some "I love you's - c'mon over Plenty to spare here. I'll throw in a couple too.

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