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Default Sleepover

I've decided to call Asha's children Ocean (8yo girl) and Rockstar (4yo boy).

Most weekends, my family pretty much moves in to Asha and Sunday's house, which is about 30 miles from our house. This weekend, Asha hosted a sleepover for the friends of Ocean and Monkey from our old homeschool co-op. We had a nice evening having dinner with the parents, and I think that Easy and Asha got a little bit of time to hang out with each other. I did accidentally grope one of the other moms when I wasn't paying enough attention to who was standing next to me--I thought she was Asha. Yikes! Then the parents all left and we had five crazy girls running around. We then realized that we had not considered how awkward it might be if one of the girls went to their parents and said, "Why do Lemondrop and Easy sleep in Asha and Sunday's bedroom?". We should have discussed it with the parents before they left, but too late. We decided that one couple would sleep in the bed and one would sleep on the foam mattress in the living room, which was disappointing. But Sunday kissed me goodnight, and I'm pretty sure I grinned like a fool.

In the morning we enjoyed softly falling snow while Easy and Sunday made breakfast. One mother showed up to pick up all of the extra girls, and I made it a point to ask her if she would have a problem if Easy, Sunday, Asha and I slept in the same bed while her daughter was with us. I wasn't too worried because I'd already told her we were poly and she hadn't freaked out, but she said that it wouldn't be a problem and even made a comment about us coming to speak for her son's class on relationship diversity. I thought that was great, though I don't know if we are exactly the epitome of polyamory. So, the next hurdle is talking to the parents who haven't been told that we're poly. I hope it goes well; the father was so touchy-feely with me this weekend that I had to ask Easy to intervene on my behalf, so I'm a little worried that he'll think that poly is just an excuse for him to behave inappropriately. They've been good friends for years, though, and I don't know if perhaps he just doesn't realize that he's making me uncomfortable.

Anyway, in the afternoon we discovered that our car wouldn't start, and after an extreme effort we gave up and spent the night. I think that Easy and Asha got a little more time to hang out while they made dinner and Sunday and I folded laundry. I made sure to tell Sunday how much it meant to me that he had kissed me goodnight before. After dinner, we watched a movie, but Asha was exhausted and so we didn't all pile onto the same couch as usual. I was a little worried that Asha and Easy didn't get their customary cuddle time--they don't see each other during the week, so this is it for them. But I also don't think they have such a high desire to cuddle as I do. Asha also was feeling unsociable and decided she would be happier if she could sleep alone on the couch, so I got to have fun sleeping between the two guys. I really enjoy that. In the morning my brother drove up to haul us out. Sunday kissed me again before we left, and to my surprised delight, so did Asha.

I think it was a good weekend overall, around the stress of not being able to get the car to start and Easy missing work. Asha was looking at commitment rings for the quad, since our anniversary is coming up. I'm mostly okay with that, but given how slowly my relationship with Sunday is going sometimes I worry that it's too soon for us. He never says no, and whenever I ask he says he loves me and wants the quad to work, so I hope I can assume that he's okay with everything, but it wouldn't be the first time that he wasn't able to communicate when he had a problem.

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