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So middle of a road trip on my phone rating a McDonalds breakfast and wanted to send out some support. I saw your post last night and really wanted to get to a PC to send some support.

Current on my phone and posting of forums kinda blows haha..

First.. If you ever need a break.. You have some old and new friends in the van area willing to talk shop and game if you need that. ( game as in gups or something)

Its hard to think in poly when poly seems so constricted to.. Umm.. Well normal people. I am just a dude who like(d) kegs of beer football and swould likely be labelled a jock by most. I struggle in poly because I find I don't have enough in common. In general.. To bother being romantically involved.. But it does happen. (Romance and sex separated of course.. Finding sexual partners is not the same as finding relationships)

I wonder if you suffer from roles. Do you friend girls without putting yourself truley out there? ( I am gonna throw my phone through a window)... Outside poly this would be called game. I realize on paper it sounds bad but girls get the friend zone thing from how guys act towards them.

Now that can get you in a sticky situation. Some people once they realize friendship isn't the only end goal they shut down.. Kind of a lame and immature response ... But you can still foster great friendships after successfully getting your flirt on. But how will they ever know if you don't out yourself out there.

OK really I have a lot more I could say. If the others were on here I know they would too.. Hope the post makes some sense. Really hard to build a cohesive thought on a 4 inch screen.
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