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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
In fact, looking to do team dating, where a committed couple want to "share" a woman together, is looked down upon by experienced polyamorists, gay, bi, pansexual or stramiddle.

Problem solved.
Men.. Not entirely true. I know my fair share of successful team dating. Its a horrible phrase since it implies a level of competition.

And haha at integrated with each other. Sorry on my phone quoting is annoying. But that awesome

I am in a long term quad. The two men (I am one) could probably say they love each other like brothers and and women are both hi. We both were couples dating and successful. However we ensure our expectations are not equal.. (Not every relationship is romantically the same) and we ensure we respect everyone ever involved. Simple really but I find in general poly people talk a lot about communication but lack the respect to seriously enjoy a relationship for what it is.
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