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Yep as the title indicates I am new to this. My wife and I have been together for almost two years and I we do have have a very strong relationship. And about a month into our relationship I started to understand a lot of her friends from the past and even Exes that she still talks to quite often and it doesnt bother me. One guy that has been there for her and she been there for him through thick and thin for around 10 years now, and ironically they have never physically met until her and I went to pick up our rottie pup. The way she talks about him, she said and it really does sound like it that we are so alike. So as newbie to the idea of being poly I really wonder how the start of it will be like and how careful the three of us will need to be in our possible Vee as my wonderful and beautiful wife is still deciding as to whether poly is us or we are poly.
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