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Default Things progressing nicely, IMO

I just wanted to stop by and share a quick update.

My Husband and I are doing quite fine. We are actually becoming more intimate and generally happy with each other. He is doing well with accepting my relationship with V. In the beginning, he was quite angry as we all have a past together, but as time goes on, he has decided that he wouldn't want me to be with anyone other than V. Once past his anger, he realized that V is the only one who will treat me as well as he will.

As for my husband, A, he tried to see a girl that was a friend of a friend, but that girl decided that she couldn't come to terms with the marriage, so he let that one go. She was really just someone to occupy his time while I was out with V. After that didn't work out, he got a little discouraged, but after really doing some soul searching and talking to a mutual friend of ours, (that we had both tried to have a casual thing with) he realized that he does have some really deep feelings for this girl that had caused him some guilt previously.

Anyway, he has confessed these feelings to this girl and things are looking promising for him. Even if they don't quite work out, she'll still go back to being a very close friend that will support him in this situation.

So, here's hoping things work out.
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