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Originally Posted by Seasnail View Post
Wouldn't it be nice if it were true that one's partners actions don't really reflect on oneself? I think they do!

If my co-workers were to see my husband out on a date, they would likely think he was having an affair. They would probably have strong feelings about this, and apply those feelings to me. Maybe they would tell me, maybe not. Even if I told them that my HB had my blessing, many of my co-workers and clients would believe that I condone unethical behaviour, and my credibility would go down the toilet.

Yeah, it's totally crappy, but in some professions, it matters what the dominant culture THINKS of you.
This is the kind of thing I was connecting to in my earlier reply.
As anyone might guess - political correctness is probably on the absolute bottom of my priority list. But that's not what these situations are about. It's really about acknowledging the reality of the culture around us and what impact our actions may have. In some cases you have to look at your place in the game and determine who/what could be damaged or weakened because of our actions. If for example your position/place has a positive impact on a much wider circle/group and that position could be destroyed - then potentially that complete circle could be damaged.
Where is the 'greater good' ?

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