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Thank you so much for your kind words RainyGrlJenny, fuchka, Annabel, Cleo and wildflowers.

I feel so lonely tonight. It's not the fact that I now have more time available for other things when I'm not spending it with Evan, it's just that at the moment I really feel like being with people and not alone. The weekend after the break-up was quite interesting in that aspect. I only had plans for Sunday when I was seeing rory. On Friday I went for a drink after work with a couple of co-workers and ended up having a spontanious night out with one of them. We shared our life stories, went from one bar to another and danced, it was brilliant. Then on Saturday a poly person I had only spent time with in group situations stepped up, knowing that I was having a hard time, and asked if I'd like to hang out with him. I did and it was really good. We did all sorts of fun things, like played video games, and then he made us dinner. It was all really nice, I felt cared for. I truly appreciated him being there for me when I needed a friend. Then on Sunday me and rory had some great and revealing conversations, took a bath together and had sex. I really needed that as well. The whole weekend was awesome in its variety of activities and people and feelings.

So tonight I'm alone. I really don't feel like being alone. I went shopping after work with the aforementioned night-out-co-worker, but after that I came home and just felt sad and lonely. I wish I lived with someone who cares how my day was. Not necessarily a partner, but someone I know well enough and who cares about me even a little. During the year when I've lived in this apartment I've had 6 different roommates and I'm about to have a 7th quite soon. I don't have time to get to know them at all. So now me and a poly friend of mine are looking for a place together, we just need to find a third poly/queer person to share with. I really want to make that happen.
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