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Albuquerque is a wonderful place weather-wise, although this Summer has been a little hot for my taste. A lot in the 90's and a little in the 100's. But it's low humidity, and it's nice to get the copious amount of Sun we get.

I'm not personally too good of an expert on places to see, although it's worth pointing out Albuquerque has a generous allotment of good restaurants (and casinos). I know there are various Native American sights to see. We also have a pretty impressive tram that takes you to the top of Sandia Crest (over 10,000 feet elevation). There's a restaurant at the top; it's kind of fun to look down on the city while dining.

New Mexico has various interesting sites, such as the Very Large Array near Socorro, and Carlsbad Caverns far to the south in the state. I imagine you'll not get that far out of the way, though.

Ironically, I'll probably be moving away this year or next year. My brother and his wife live near Seattle, we get along with them well. We don't have any family living here with us in New Mexico.

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