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He is not the father of my children, though he fills the role of step dad pretty well. He has 2 grown children of his own, though his relationship with them is rocky and blows hot and cold.

She is 43 and has no children after 13 years of marriage. I thought it was due to her H.

She replied to my note and informed me that she believes she is infertile because of Xcondition, she also has Ycondition which interferes with making babies, though she also stated that she tracks her cycle on a phone app to know when she is fertile, and reassured me that this wasn't her fertile time. She offered lots of "I'm sorry to worry you - I should have discussed this with you ahead of time" along with her other explanations. While all of it is plausible, I did state that for my comfort that birth control will still be used.

I don't know her well enough to trust her with something this important, and yeah, her biological clock is ticking.... and that can be a strong incentive to be deceitful.
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