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Default How to chastise someone else's child without being a tyrant.

Been lost in writing land lately, it's getting hard to concentrate due to friends have just moved in with us til their new house closes. Thing is, they also have a 5 year old who is very good friends with BC but he's a wild child who gets what he wants. He has always been given what he wants because he was low-level autistic but now that he's been downgraded to an average child with tendencies he is still given his every demand and has absolutely not manners or remorse.
I do not want my well-mannered, polite, and sweet little boy to become this new boy and I am already seeing signs of influence.

I have already been given permission to discipline as I require and that means time-out and removal of privileges just like I do with BC. I frequently watch this boy for them so I know he can be a great kid. I'm just having frustratingly stressful moments with him where he undermines my authority with BC by saying things like "don't listen, lets go do this". I put my foot down and tell him that's not nice to say and he ROLLS HIS EYES AT ME!

I've always loved kids and can relate to them probably better than I should but this one tests me and his parents shrug it off but I also don't tell them all he does because I know nothing will change... And they are advantage takers. They use us. But here's the real kicker....

They are family.

Any suggestions on addressing them about the boy?
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