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Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
yesterday's guy... such a great guy. His response to me telling him I didn't feel a lot of chemistry? text book perfect. a hint of disappointment, just enough to flatter me - honesty - respect - expressing interest to see me again as a friend.
so maybe that's what I should do!
What is there to lose? A person can always use new friends If you definitively disliked him, I'd say cut him loose, but if you enjoyed hanging out with him and he took your romantic refusal graciously, then I think there's no reason not spend a little more time.

For me, dating isn't the single-minded search for a romantic mate that it seems to be for some other people; it's an opportunity to widen my circle and enrich my life with a variety of relationships and interactions, however they may develop. I don't think it's a waste of time to discover people I like, even if I don't want to fuck them or build a life with them.

Be honest about how you feel, but don't burn bridges before you're certain you don't want to cross them.

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