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Default Primaries, secondaries, other terms....

Hi guys,

I was just wondering - does anyone else HATE terms like Primary and Secondary as much as I do??

It partly stems, for me, from a bad past experience of essentially being told "you're only the secondary - I'll spend time with you when I can be bothered. Until then, clear off." To me, it just sounds like it means "less important."

So do you like these terms? Do you use them to describe your relationships? If not, which words do you use?

These days I just refer to xmakina as "my fiance" and N as my "boyfriend/partner." People I see casually I usually just refer to as "my friend," or sometimes FWB depending who I am talking to. I also rather like the phrase coined by my friend J, "friends.... etc."

So how do you define your relationships? How do you differentiate between them when explaining your situation, if at all?

Love xx
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