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Additional info: as far as I know she doesn't have anyone in mind right now (this is what she has said), although I gave her the ok to have coffee with an previous casual fling of hers (who currently has a gf but I have no idea where that stands in terms of poly, etc). But she's aware that I've been reaching out to people online in the local poly community, including one woman who's looking to restart a local support group here in town, and now some of that is moving from online to offline and into action. I was letting her know that these connections are purely platonic but we're both aware that there's potential for other things to develop as I begin to communicate with more people. Also neither of us is unattractive, and I think she's aware that the more women I interact with socially the greater the chances of something developing become. She was mainly upset about the way I communicated these activities, that I went from saying 'I might be doing this' or 'I'm thinking of doing this' to then saying 'I'm going to be doing this' (the support group and reaching out/getting involved, etc.). She said she felt out of the loop with how I communicated it, but, I dunno, I'm still confused. We need to talk more but we're also due to just have some one on one hang time too and I'm kind if sick of this poly discussion stuff dominating our times together right now. Is that fairly normal, for poly discussion to take an inordinate amount of attention initially?

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