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Hi everybody! I appreciate all the advice and continued support, but I was less hoping for feedback on the 'rules' aspect of things.

I'm more looking for advice on knowing when/if (for a couple moving into poly for both of our very first times) it's safe to move into taking action, re:dating. Should we wait till we're both feeling absolutely comfortable with it, or are some fairly strong degree of nerves and tension still par for the course? We only broached the subject two weeks ago but part of me kind of just wants to get the initial shock over with so I'm trying to figure this all out. I made a couple moves that i thought would signal to her I was moving along in my processing of things, and I thought she would be happy about them but she seemed taken aback by where I'm at and it made me wonder how ready she is (she's the poly leaning one more so than me). So I'm trying to figure out if I'm getting ahead of myself!

GalaGirl: we're definitely talking dating right now, baby steps, not full on random casual sex scenarios! Thanks again for your continued help!

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