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Originally Posted by UnitedForNow View Post

He believes as long as the intercourse is brief and isn't prolonged (causing pre-leakage) and if he doesn't even come close to a climax while inside of her that there is no risk. I don't know how she feels about it, though since she was quick to hop on top of him without any form of birth control I'm guessing it doesn't worry her either (though how she could have known that he wouldn't cumm inside of her also makes me wonder).
Sex Ed 101 ~ ANY intercourse can result in a pregnancy. Precum has sperm, and it is unlikely that he would "know" before it happens. Just being aroused he is likely to have precum present, most people dont know unless they are (ahem) up close and personal....

There are many children in this world, and many pregnancies terminated, just for this reason.

I think you are correct to be concerned, because they seem to be making decisions based on faulty information. If they truly believe they can't get pregnant just because he doesnt cum inside her, then what other erroneous information are they making decisions with?

Maybe they dont want condoms. Understandable. But they should at least know what risks they are taking, and you can decide what YOU need to do around that...

Good luck!
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